Medication Management Courses

The Medication training that is required by HCQC for caregiver certification to assist residents with medication is now abailable. Covered in this class are Nevada Revised Statues and Nevada Administrative Code with medication information and documentation. Required is 16 hours of classroom training and classes are offered every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Required refresher class for certification covers Nevada Revised Statues, Nevada Administrative Code, Care Plans Assessments, Resident Rights, HIPAA, Elder Abuse, Exploitation, Neglect, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Dementia, Medication Protocol, and Medication Definitions. The refresher course is 8 hours. The refresher course is also offered online, check "Online Courses" below.

Alzheimer's-Dementia & Parkinsons

This course covers Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Dementia. Functions of the brain, behaviors and medications with an understanding of how each plays a part in each disease.

These courses are also offered online, check "Online Courses" below.

Mental Health

This course covers Mental Illness, The scope of the problem, how the brain functions. Mental Disorders including Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Thought Disorders, Addictions, Addictions and the Brain, Drugs, Nicotine, Addiction and the Elderly

CPR/AED/First Aid

This course educates on how to preform CPR on adults and infants. It also covers AED training. Conscious- choking for Adults and Infants. First Aide includes Heart Attacks, Stroke, Shock, Seizures, Diabetes, Allergic Reactions, Bee Stings, Nose Bleeds, Head and Neck Injuries, Eye Injuries.

Caregiver 101

Caregiving 101 teaches understanding changing needs, personal care and hygiene, HIPAA Compliance, Elder Abuse Prevention, Reporting, Infection Control, Resident Transfer Assistance, and Aging Sensitivity. This class is for caregivers to satisfy the state requirements.

This course is also offered online as a video course called Basic Training. Check "Online Courses" below.

Online Courses

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