We Make All The Connections For Wonderful Senior Living

Adult Care Connections, we help you get everything needed to make senior living great. Here are a few videos show some basics that everyone should know when caring for anyone and everyone in their life. 

Thanks to Registered Nurse RN and American Heart Association for allowing us to share these videos with you.

Pricking Finger Tips with a Lancet to check a Blood Sugar

This video demonstrates how to prick your fingers (finger-tips) for obtaining a blood sample for checking your blood sugar when using a lancet device. In addition, I go into detail on how to use a lancet device, how to load the lancet into the device, how to massage the finger to get blood, and the number selection for depth of needle penetration.  This diabetes blood sugar assessment tutorial can help those who are new to the process of pricking the finger to get a blood sugar sample.

Checking Blood Sugar Level | How to Use a Glucometer

 This video will show you how to do this. You will learn how to prime or load a lancet device, how to choose the correct lancet gauge, how to set the proper setting on lancet, when glucometer test strips and quality control solution expire, and how to obtain a blood sugar with the fingertips.

How to Perform a Quality Control QC Test on a Glucometer

This video demonstrates how to perform a quality control (QC) test on a glucometer. In addition, I discuss how often you perform a control test on a glucometer, when the test strip expire, and when the quality control solution expires on your glucometer.

Basic Life Support (BLS) skills including CPR, AED use, and ventilations. The BLS Instructor-led education course teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in both prehospital and in-facility environments, with a focus on High-Quality CPR and team dynamic training.

Hands Only CPR

American Heart Association

For AHA Instructors and Training Centers, this Hands-Only CPR demo video adds a full 60 seconds of compression practice time. This additional practice time will be helpful in large, live Hands-Only CPR training sessions to ensure that participants have the time needed to practice compressions to the correct beat. 

To learn more, visit: http://spr.ly/6056Du86g 

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